History and information:Magnificent regal buildings and gracious Victorian and Georgian architecture and rolling, varied landscape, only one of only four Boroughs with Royal status (Kensington and Chelsea, Kingston Upon Thames, Bexley and Greenwich)

Greenwich has for centuries been the crème de la crème of the South side of the River Thames. But Greenwich doesn’t just hold prestige in South London, Greenwich holds significant relevance globally. Home of the Royal Observatory, Greenwich was where the quite complicated, unified world clock system was created from. In the year 1884, the Greenwich Meridian was chosen as the Prime Meridian of the World at the International Meridian Conference. Because of this, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) became the centre of world time. A hub of intellectual brilliance, the Royal Observatory, from which visitors worldwide flock to experience the unique opportunity of being in both the western hemisphere and eastern hemisphere at the same time.

Students, academics and young families all make up the local demographic of Greenwich. With the University of Greenwich drawing students local and all over the globe also and academics alike. Local amenities such as the 02 and Greenwich Park serve all.

In town there’s a real sense of community, a buzzing market square sees business all year round, especially picturesque in the summer, supplemented by pavement café and small family run boutiques with waterside pubs to relax in. With exceptional transport links to the City and Canary Wharf, the sheer ease of commuting has made the area popular with professionals. Despite not being in East London, Greenwich also benefitted from the London 2012 Olympics, hosting the Equestrian events which resulted in a £20m investment from the local council. Leisure facilities were improved and Greenwich pier renovated.

Going out:

Rare Steakhouse. For fans of Rare Steak, this steakhouse on Trafalgar road is the best place to get rare meat in Greenwich. Enjoy the finest cuts alongside the River Thames with a glass of red wine.

Kitcho- If Japanese Cuisine is your thing, Kitcho by Aji-Ichiban specialise in offering authentic Japanese cuisine such as shabushabu, sushi, sashimi, miso soup, ramen and tempura and features rice, tofu and seafood. Available to reserve a table online, Kitcho on Greenwich High Road serves the local community with a slice of Japan.

Mountain View: For an alternative Asian Cuisine, try Mountain View on Trafalgar Road, for Nepalese Authentic cuisine. At Mountain View, you are spoilt with a choice of not only Chicken, Lamb and Sea Food main dishes but also Karai, Biriyani and many more. Order online on their website.

The Pavilion Café-After a gander in the expansive Greenwich Park, enjoy in serves classic cafe favourites in a gorgeous setting.


The Old Brewery

Just metres from the 19th century ship the Cutty Sark, the old brewery sees locals and tourists from afar throughout the year, gaze upon the elegant ship whilst enjoying a pint. Ensconced within the grounds of the Old Royal Naval College, the pub also features an expansive outdoor terrace and a large indoor dining space, perfect for summer and winter dining.

The Greenwich Union:

Known to locals as ‘The Union’ is an established pillar of community within Greenwich. With praise from not only local press but also national acclaim too. The Union shirks mainstream brewery choices and instead chooses based on taste, flavour and quality right across its range. A variety of over 150 unpasteurised beers from all over the world awaits you in The Greenwich Union.


Cutty Sark: An external exhibition of the National Maritime Museum, explore this historical ship, at one point during the British Empire’s reign, considered the world’s fastest ship, which has been refurbished at great cost and care, now available to take in from the unique viewpoint of underneath the hull since its refurbishment. Fun for all the family or the sole person to enjoy.

The National Maritime Museum: Part of the Royal Museums Greenwich group, The National Maritime Museum is a free to enter, family friendly place of wonder. A collection of artefacts and objects tied intrinsically to the country’s industrious past, explore gallery’s and exhibitions tailored for the learned academic but also accessible and interesting to little children. Popular attractions Include the Polar Worlds exhibition, a gallery exploring the effects of climate change through stunning photography. Open all year round for Greenwich locals and tourist to enjoy.

The Royal Observatory: The home of Greenwich Mean Time, where the Prime Meridian passes through the grounds of the building. Sitting atop Greenwich Hill, explore the home of time as we know it began. Explore a range of clocks, telescopes and other instruments which helped shaped our understanding of the world to this day. Take the unique opportunity of being both in the eastern and western hemisphere at the same time. If you stay till after sunset look out for the green laser which marks the path of the prime meridian, this powerful laser shines powerfully into the night sky, visible for up to sixty miles away.

Greenwich Theatre: With roots dating back to Dickensian times, Greenwich theatre on Crooms Hill close still today provides small screen entertainment in abundance. Serving the local community with seating for up to 400 theatregoers, a wide range of productions cater to all genre tastes and age groups and is open all year round.

Honourable mentions:

Odeon- the chain cinema has roots in Greenwich, on (address)

Picturehouse: Those that prefer Pictureworld cinema’s can visit Greenwich picturehouse on (address)

M1 Fine Art: 1 Line+ Address

Fan Museum 1 Line+ Address


The local community of Greenwich benefits from a mixture of boutique shops, restaurants and such whilst still taking advantage of the ease and variety that big supermarket groups offer. Served by Sainsburys and Waitrose as well as a smattering of Tesco Express’s Co-operative’s and independent large shops, locals will find shopping easy.

Given Greenwich’s history of academics, its no surprise the local community has two libraries to choose from, The West Greenwich Library and East Greenwich library are not only good for book readers and students, but those wishing to improve their skills, with these libraries regularly holding creative writing courses, access courses and many more.

When not learning or shopping, but those looking to let their hair down are in for treat in Greenwich, the nationwide venue of the dome shaped O2 Arena have a venue which hosts a cinema, a plethora of restaurants and an arena for live performances that happen weekly.

Those looking to not let their hair down, but tie it up and get to work can do so at the Greenwich Centre gym. A centre which hosts more than 140 gymgoers.

Green Space:

Greenwich Park: Spanning 180 acres and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Royal Park is one of London’s most diverse green spaces. Spanning back all the way to the 13th Century, London has changed much in this time, going through several periods of redevelopment, but Greenwich Park remains lovely and well kept still after all this time, its borders and sanctity kept intact, resisting the urbanisation of the world.




Marvon Wilson Animal Park


Rail: London Bridge and Cannon Street are less than 15 minutes away by train from Greenwich and Maze Hill stations.

Tube: North Greenwich is served by the Jubilee Line, taking just two minutes to reach Canary Wharf.

DLR: There are two DLR stops, Cutty Sark and Greenwich, both linking to Docklands and the City.

Boat: Many residents prefer to go across the water rather than under it. There are river bus stops at both Cutty Sark and North Greenwich, providing services to Canary Wharf, Blackfriars and London Bridge.

Cycle: The Thames Path provides a traffic free walking and cycling route for the majority of the length of the Thames through Greenwich. The Greenwich Foot Tunnel, which runs underneath the Thames to the Isle of Dogs, is part of the UK’s National Cycle Route 1, linking to Dover and the Shetland Islands.

Bus: Bus routes serving the area include the 188 (Russell Square), 199 (Canada Water), 177 (Peckham), as well as the N1 night bus from Tottenham Court Road.

Emirates Airline: