Stoke Newington

Stoke Newington, or ‘Stokey’ as its residents fondly call it, has always been something of a haven for radicals and non conformists and the area has retained a strong identity and community spirit.

Canary Wharf

The riverside district has for hundreds of years, been a place of trade, once a hub of naval commerce in the 19th century, Canary Wharf is now the jewel in the financial crown of the capital. The past twenty years has seen Canary Wharf transform.


Morris, Thackeray and Shakespeare. These three literary Juggernauts by the first name of William, as well as a fellow called Charles Dickens have all written about Clerkenwell, and when you live there, it’s easy to see why.

Crouch End

Nestled within the Haringey Borough, Crouch End is a hub of secluded vibrant activity. Centred around the Late Victorian era red brick clock tower that signals the heart of the Broadway.

Earls Court

Situated between Kensington and Fulham, Earls Court is an area of constant change and growth. After World War 2, many people from Europe migrated and set up home in the nestled NESW London district. In scores came the Polish, leading to Earl’s Court being dubbed the ‘Danzig Corridor’.


Finchley is known for the calm and soothing environment which resides within its leafy streets. Picturesque period homes sit behind the rows of old and grand trees, its easy to believe you’re not in London.


Magnificent regal buildings and gracious Victorian and Georgian architecture and rolling, varied landscape, only one of only four Boroughs with Royal status (Kensington and Chelsea, Kingston Upon Thames, Bexley and Greenwich)


Hammersmith is a paradox of the chaos and calm. Within the beating heart of Hammersmith, caged in by busy shopping complexes, office blocks and transport hubs, it’s a shock to the system when within a few minutes of walking you’r e strolling along tranquil paths, green open parks and village like enclaves.


Lofty and Leafy, situated on one of London’s highest peaks, this area sits above the notoriously flat London. From the village, the luscious, expansive greenery of Hampstead is visible, along with the flat ever upward climbing skyline of Central London.


Features some of the world’s most renowned learning institutions in Universities and Museums. (Natural History Museum, Victoria and Albert and Royal Albert Hall.) Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art. The Science Museum. Proximity to Hyde Park

Maida Vale

Maida Vale holds appeal for the general public and tourists alike, due to being home to world wide pop culture. The famous Abbey Road studios, situated in Maida Vale, bordering St John’s Wood, draws crowds all year round, tourists posing for photos on the Zebra Crossing made famous by the Beatles album cover.


Mere minutes away from the cacophony of Oxford Circus but a world away from the noise, Marylebone is a paradoxical pocket of calm within the heart of London. Stately period homes and quirky stylish boutiques lay behind the elm and oak trees which line the roads.

Muswell Hill

Muswell Hill is yet another excellent town with a friendly village atmosphere overlooking London. Located between Alexandra Park and Highgate Woods, both areas of renown beauty, Muswell Hill boasts Edwardian Architecture along its leafy streets where dog owners and locals are often seen on Sundays strolling the area, simply because it is pleasant.