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Flat sharing in London; how to make it easy.

Flat sharing in London; how to make it easy.


Sharing an apartment can be great, cheaper rental costs and companions to live and relax with. However, relationships change, tensions can arise and your cosy shared apartment can turn into a pit of snakes. Living together may not always be great, but there are some certain tips you can utilise to help minimise the possibility of some easily solved problems from cropping up.

1. Optimising

Optimise your space. London apartments can be tight on space, the best way that all of you can make the most of your rent is by utilising your personal and shared spaces to best effect. Furniture which has a dual purpose is a cost and space effective way of having more open space in your bedroom, a sofa which doubles as a sofa, Display cabinets serve as a storage and display area.

Boxes and packages should be crushed and down not linger in your apartment. It can happen before you know it, the large box that your new computer came in after your old one packed up and died, has now become part of the furniture of your apartment. That box you bump into in the hallway, that random looking pole that always almost falls on you when you enter the kitchen, get rid of it. A decluttered home is a happy home.

2. Housework

Make housework a no-brainer.

Housework is enjoyed by the few and hated by the masses, the chances are that your flatmates and yourself fall into the latter category. But it has to be done, and it doesn’t have to be as hard or laborious as you think it may be.

Have a clear rota. Having a rota in which everybody knows there responsibilities and when they have to perform them, removes any confusion on what each and every one of you are required to do.

However you do need to go further, now that everyone knows what they have to do, you should make sure there are communal cleaning supplies so that the jobs can be done. Dustpan, mop, cleaning liquid, wipes and towels. Keep a cupboard in your kitchen free for them and no one will have an excuse for not cleaning.

3. Communicate

Be in the know. (communication)

Everyone has their own schedules, if you’re renting in London, you’re most likely busy, but just a small amount of time spent communicating with your flat mates can save a lot of time and hassle. If you’re all available at the same time in the apartment, say on a Friday evening, have a small group chat to discuss any up coming events that would be helpful for your flatmates to know.

Keep a group chat so that you can keep in touch in case of emergencies or just to socialise with the people you live with.

4. The Spirit of Sharing

Make shared spaces more accessible for everyone.

The artisan block of cheese you got from Spitalfields market that dominates the top shelf of your fridge may look magnificent, but reverse the situation, will your flatmate appreciate you renting out large portions of the fridge? Most likely not. Before you act, consider the impact it has on your flatmates, and whether you too would like to be put on the receiving end of your actions, or if you too would be cheesed off.

5. Respect

A rule which shouldn’t have to be mentioned, but can often be ignored by the best of us. Respect the agreements you make, respect others properties, respect other people’s opinions and wishes, and they will be more likely to do the same for you. Respect Is the basis of any successful partnership.

6. Flexibility

Everyone has their unique way of going about their lives, different methods and habits of living, you may think yours is superior (and to be fair, it may very well be) but when you are flat sharing, sometimes you have to bend a little to save yourself painful mental gymnastics of wrangling your brain to convince your flatmate to your point of view. By giving in, you can leverage it to your benefit, by picking your battles and agree to go along with a flat mates proposal in return for something that you want in return.

Living together can be challenging, but if you implement these simple and quick methods into your approach to flat sharing, you’ll have a more happier time in your apartment together.